Jonty – The Dinosaur Who Could Not Go to Sleep is a bedtime story that gently eases children into an interest in words and sentences making learning new language skills simple and fun. The story introduces Jonty, a young dinosaur who, after a fun-filled day, has trouble getting to sleep with the distractions going on around him.

The storybook app contains all the characteristics of a traditional picture book, but with a modern twist – you and your child can interact with the story to help Jonty get a good night’s sleep. The app immerses children into a world of words and sentences whilst they play and enjoy the interactive adventures.

A free version of the app, Jonty Lite, is available so that you and your child can experience Jonty and his adventures. If you want to upgrade to the full, interactive version you can do this with a simple one time in-app purchase.

The app also includes the ability to print coloring sheets so that children can enjoy being creative in the adventures of Jonty and his friends anytime.

The main features of the app include:

  • Beautiful illustrations.
  • Fun animations and sounds.
  • Background music which changes as the story progresses, going from upbeat music while Jonty is playing, to lullaby-like music at bedtime.
  • Specially selected main text font which has letter forms appropriate for beginner readers.
  • Easy-to-use navigation includes the ability to return to the main menu at any time, and to move forwards and backwards through the pages.

The full version of the app includes four modes that allow you to interact with the story in different ways. You can choose to have the story read to you by a narrator, or you can read it yourself. If your child gets stuck on reading a word you can tap on the individual words to have them read out by the narrator.

If you would prefer to not interact with the story at all then you can select the ‘Auto Play’ mode.

In the creative ‘Add To Story’ mode, you can drag & drop additional items onto the page, such as a rainbow or a robot. You can also record your own audio on each page in this mode. Children can record themselves reading the words, or parents and grandparents could record themselves reading the story to their child or grandchild when they are not there. You could even leave a special message for your child. Children will love that they can use their imaginations to record anything they think of, they can even sing the story!

For added security and parental peace of mind, the app collects no personal information, contains no ads and transmits no personal information.

Jonty is available on the App Store℠ and is compatible with the iPad® (2 and above) and the iPad Mini.

To download the app you will require a Wi-Fi connection. This is because, depending on your network provider and download limits, the size of the app may be above some device’s 3G limits.