Melanie – Busy Little Bees (

“Jonty The Dinosaur is one of those ebooks that makes an outstanding bedtime story or even a ritual. The background music could be invaluable for settling a fussy child or for cuing a preschooler that bedtime is near. (I find it to be very lovely & relaxing to listen to). Nearly every aspect of the story is designed to help children wind down and go to bed, and harried parents will love that aspect of the app. It also offers some great educational activities as well as addressing a topic that every child deals with from time to time by offering good strategies to internalize. This one should be read frequently!

Josi – The American Mama (

“Overall, my son loves the app and it is a very fun interactive storybook that can keep him busy for at least 30 minutes if I need to get something done around the house or he has been well-behaved and earned playtime on the iPad. If your child is imaginative like mine, the giggles never stop when they record their own silly endings to each scene and hear it played back with visual stickers supporting their ideas. It’s also a wonderful way to encourage reading for those who are practicing their bigger words”.

Kay – Amerimommy (

“The overall feel of the app is very bedtime appropriate. It has nice, soft illustrations, gentle and soothing background music, and the storyline is just the right amount of exciting for bedtime. Plus, it hasn’t become old news once you’ve read through it. You can make the story unique by adding to it over and over again. The kids loved adding objects to the story to make it their own, which is nice because they are getting a story and a bit of a game all-in-one.”

Alison – All-in-One Mum (

“This is a very cute story about a lively young dinosaur that has trouble getting to sleep at bedtime. The story is fully interactive so your child can help to get Jonty to sleep, encouraging ‘Invisible learning’ while having fun at the same time.”

“I would highly recommend this App for little ones who are just learning to read. It is especially good for children who don’t like to read as it encourages them to interact in a very different way whilst still learning new words and holding their attention at the same time.”

Leyla Brooke – This day I love (

“I love that in read it myself mode if your child becomes stuck on a word you can press it and it is read out loud for you. I think this is a lovely way to encourage reading.”

“This truly is a beautiful app to own and one which my girls really enjoy.”